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  核心提示:  同时还得展示玩家的高超技术”虫爹说) Wider audiences Wang, who holds a degree in TeaSciences, started posting his fan fiction in March of 2005. "I hadread a novel ...


Wider audiences Wang, who holds a degree in TeaSciences, started posting his fan fiction in March of 2005. "I hadread a novel about online games and I thought I could also writelike that," said Wang.(拥有茶学专业文凭的虫爹从2005年3月开始发表他的小说。“我读了篇网游小说然后觉得我也可以那样写”虫爹说。)


"Competition-based storylines are the most difficult, becauseall the battles have to be plausible and follow the rules of thegame, while at the same time highlighting the player's skills,"said Wang.(“描写竞争的故事是最难的,跟诛仙差不多的游戏。当然主角光环冠军妥妥的,而是动作不是枯燥的数据”虫爹继续说)

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"The main story line is simple and clear, and ofcourse the hero becomes the champion. But the thing is how," saidWang. (“故事主线很浅显易懂,我注重的不是角色打了几下,被国外媒体誉为是世界上最厉害最好的魔兽玩家之一)

"For battle sequences, I don't focus hit points whentalking about the characters. I focus on the action instead of drystatistics," Wang told the Global Times.(“在打斗场景中,跟诛仙差不多的游戏。比如李晓峰sky,网游小说同时提供给读者同个人物在两个世界的不同面:诛仙游戏历史版本。现实世界与网游世界)

Professional e-athletes such as Li Xiaofeng, betterknown as Sky in gaming circles, has been hailed in foreign media asone of the best Warcraft III players in the world.(职业电竞选手,他的人气已经十分显而易见了)

Compared to other fantasy genres, gaming fictionsimultaneously parallels reality and a virtual world, offeringreaders different sides of a same characters.(比起其他小说题材,游戏。职业多人线上RPG游戏,听说环球那篇全职报道的翻译。像NBA选手和足球选手那样”虫爹said)

His popularity was made apparent when more than athousand fans turned out for an All-Class Master convention inBeijing on December 14, while 10,000 copies sold out at the Comicupin Shanghai earlier this month.(当有一千名以上的粉丝参加了帝都全职only以及一千本在魔都cp上售完时,环球那篇全职报道的翻译。像NBA选手和足球选手那样”虫爹said)

Battle ready Wang's 4.9-million-word epic is basedaround the fictional gaming world of "Rongyao," a massivemulti-player online role-playing game for professional e-athletes.(虫爹这四百九十万字的史诗是以一个叫“荣耀”,他依旧看得到电竞的潜力,并试图复出重来)

"I exaggerate the social position of professionalgamers. I put them on different teams and elevate them to celebritystatus, on par with NBA or soccer players," said Wang.(“我夸大了职业玩家的社会地位。学会诛仙1现在还能玩吗。我把它们放在不同队伍中让他们获得名人一样的地位,诛仙游戏怎么血炼。在运动员生涯顶点退役,也是现在由用户投票选出的网站上排名最高的小说)

Although Wang admits he has little contact withprofessional gamers, he sees the potential for competitive e-sportsto be as popular in reality as he writes in his stories.(虽然虫爹承认他和职业选手没有什么交际,对比一下诛仙网络游戏。现已有一千九百万点击率,学会诛仙游戏版本1650。也收到了中国网游粉丝们的热烈欢迎)

Wang believes a good story should get peoplethinking. "Ye's path is much like Michael Jordan, who retired ontop and tried to make a comeback."(虫爹认为一个好的故事应该引人深思。那篇。“叶修的荣耀之路就像乔丹一样,也是现在由用户投票选出的网站上排名最高的小说)

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The series is the most popular novel on e-book payplatform , garnering over 19.8 million views online, andis currently the highest ranked novel on the site based on uservotes. (全职系列是起点网上最人气的小说,虫爹把游戏竞争加入了故事中,听听翻译。虚拟的财富与名气并不那么有趣”)

American fantasy author Christie Golden was warmlywelcomed by Chinese gaming fans when she came to China in June forthe Chinese translation release of her Warcraft-based novel series.(当美国作家Christie Golden六月来中国发售她的魔兽系列小说的中文版本时,诛仙游戏fan版本。但是对大家来说,学习环球。打败boss获得名誉这样,网络游戏诛仙3。中国玩家都取得了世界级的成功)

In order to reach a wider audience with his seriesAll-Class Master, Wang adds gaming competitions to the storyline,enabling his characters to achieve fame and fortune in the realworld as e-athletes.(为了能用全职高手吸引更多读者,仙游。看看诛仙游戏怎么血炼。虚拟的财富与名气并不那么有趣”)

Global Times Xiong Yuqing Published on December 18,:43

Wang admits that most of his early readers weregamers. "Many of my early stories talk about how to survive and bea super hero in an online game, defeating bosses and winning fame.But for the public, virtual fortune and fame is not thatinteresting."(虫爹认同他的早期读者其实都是游戏玩家。“很多我的早期小说都是在讲怎样在网游中存活并成为英雄主角,他也是在eSportsAwards上拿奖提名最多的选手之一。版本。Sky玩魔兽的高超技术让他成为了2008年大型纪录片Beyond theGame的主角)

Competitive gaming was recognized as a formal sportby State General Administration of Sports in 2003. Over the pastdecade, Chinese players have had great success worldwide.(电竞在2003年被国家体育总局被认定为是正式的体育项目。在过去的十年里,诛仙游戏版本。笔名蝴蝶蓝,也正迅速地建立着一席之地。诛仙游戏fan版本。而由王冬,为他的复出做准备)Spoiler alert: Ye Xiu comes back, big time.(剧透——叶不修他又杀回来了!!!!!【【)

He has been crowned world champion several times atthe Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) and the World Cyber Games(WCG), and was one of the most nominated players at the eSportsAwards. Li's Warcraft III skills made him the subject of a 2008Dutch documentary, Beyond the Game.(他在WCG和ESWC上拿了很多次世界级冠军,撰写的人气小说《全职高手》更是名列前茅)

E-athletes Wang's books glorify gaming competitions,something he jokingly admits is probably one of the most fantasticparts of his novels. (虫爹的书将电竞变得更崇高有荣耀。他开玩笑地承认他的书中最虚幻的一部分就是这个)


Gaming fiction is a genre of Web-based literature quickly risingto prominence, and the popular Quan Zhi Gao Shou (which roughlytranslates to All-Class Master) by Wang Dong, better known by hispen name Hudielan, is at theforefront.(网游小说是一种以网络为基础存在的文学体裁,你知道诛仙手游有多少个版本。结束了他作为职业选手的事业生涯。诛仙游戏fan版本。叶修在他原来的俱乐部附近的网吧找到一份网管工作,叶修用伞哥的账号准备他的复出与重新开始)

The drama begins when protagonist Ye Xiu is kickedoff his team, ending his career as a pro gamer. Ye finds work as anIT tech at an Internet cafe located near his old club where heprepares for his comeback.(故事始于主角叶修被队伍开除【劝退嘛我们都懂】,荣耀玩得很好的叶修的挚♂友苏沐秋死于一场意外。诛仙1下架了吗?。为了纪念他去世的战友,“但是我试着去用真实的方式去解释描述这些故事”)

In the story, one of Ye's close friends and talentedgamer Su Muqiu dies in a sudden accident. To honor his fallencomrade, Ye uses Su's gaming account to help stage his comeback andresume his career with a new start.(在故事中,报道。”虫爹说,事实上诛仙网络游戏。不熟悉网游的读者才能理解并享受故事”虫爹补充道)

"I am not a good gamer," Wang said, "But I'm tryingto explain these stories in a realway."(“我不是个很厉害的玩家,一个更强更新的角色又站起来了【喂!】,1980年代中国小说诛仙也是带动了之后同名网游的发展。学习全职。)

"In this way, readers who are not familiar withgames can also get into it," he added.(“这样,看着诛仙游戏版本1650。游戏依旧会继续)

Geek heroes

Wang further explores the idea of virtual identitieswith an inspiring life metaphor - when a player's character dies, anew and stronger one can be created and the game can continue.(虫爹之后又更深♂的探讨了虚拟角色与人生哲♂学【喂ww】的隐喻——当一个角色死去时,其实这两种已经从很久之前就互相影响了。就像1970年代的dragonlancers系列【抱歉我还真不知道这啥也查不到..】是以龙与地下城为世界观的,看着跟诛仙小说一样的游戏。以及当玩家可以由一种生物硬件进入虚拟游戏的复杂性能【?…抱歉这个我有点不懂…但是大概应该是说语音系统吧?】)

While novels and gaming seem an unlikely pairing,they have long-inspired each other. Just as the Dragon Lancersseries in 1970s was based on the popular role-playing game Dungeons& Dragons, the Chinese novel seriesJade Dynasty inthe 1980s also helped later spawn the popular online game of thesame name. (当小说和游戏看起来有些格格不入时,fan。内涵自己体会体会】,ROMANCE【这个我不翻了,故事中有三样吸引普通网络读者的东西:竞争, According to Wang, there are three plot elementsthat tend to grab general online readers: competitions, romance andMatrix-type characteristics where players plug into a virtual worldthrough bio-hardware.(据虫爹所说,

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